Meet The Team

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Owner/Founder/TV Presenter

Jo Cooke

The "brains" of the operation and founder of Curves and Couture. Complete shopping and shoe addict, lover of all things loud and blingy ("diamonds"), pug mum, bacon Tuc enthusiast, always right, has five wardrobes, drives like a lunatic and prone to accidents that knock out her teeth. She can be found in any large TK Maxx with a sale on.

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Co-Founder/TV Presenter

Al Law

The "friendly" one who's on a mission to make women love themselves as much as she loves branded lipstick. Long term besties with Jo (going all the way back to when VHS was a thing). Make up maniac, staffy mum, nature loving, milk of a lava worm, yoga enthusiast with a bra full of crystals and always in tune with the Earth's vibrations. Can make a brick wall feel empowered, but only after she's done hunting for a bargain in TK Maxx with the bestie.

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Bridal Consultant


Body confident, Marvel loving feminist (her fave heroine being Captain Marvel) and cat crazy millennial who has a soft spot for every ginger from food to men. Enjoys discovering the world from the comfort of her home and her love of bee's has lead to her family knick name Queen Bee. Can be found with her head in a book in a library (if the smell of a library could be bottled, she'd definitely wear it as a perfume).


Bridal Consultant


History buff who can tell you all six wives of Henry VIII in order, has a tendency to fall over on thin air (gravity is not her friend), the "Sporty Spice" of the Cooke family, enjoys long runs but isn't a fan of the chub rub and a football hooligan. Can usually be found trailing behind Jo in TK Maxx, wishing she could be home watching Greys Anatomy.

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Bridal Consultant


Family orientated, avid knitter with a heart of gold who's just completed her first jumper (2022 is going to be a busy year for her, we've all put in our orders for Christmas 2022 C&C jumpers). She loves jamming to 50's and 60's music and when she's not boogying away to Elvis or Frank or enjoying time with her ever-growing family, she can be found in the garden taking care of her plants. 

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Executive Assistant


The absolute backbone of C&C, doting mum, knows all there is to know about the bridal industry and complete multi-tasking extraordinaire. 

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